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God Comforts God’s People – Dios consuela a su pueblo

God comforts God’s people in the most unexpected and unimaginable ways. We should take a moment and reflect on a time when we saw the hands of God, when we have been faint, and could only say “we need God’s presence now” and that phrase filled us with strength and a desire to move forward.

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  • Schedule Change
    Posted: 1/21/2020

    Pastor Jeniffer’s schedule is Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  She is off on Monday.

    Lindsay’s schedule is Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 9:15 am – 2:15 pm.  She is off on Wednesday and Friday.

  • Landmark Diner
    Posted: 9/3/2019

    As most of you know, the Landmark Diner had a devastating fire on Thurs. Aug. 22.  The Gullotta House is raising money for the diner employees.  If you would like to donate, please go to gullottahouse.org and put Landmark Diner in “business name” or “remarks”.

  • Membership
    Posted: 9/3/2019

    Do you want to become a member of First Presbyterian Church of Ossining? If you would like to join this church family, please see Pastor Jeniffer for information on the New Members Class. Joining FPCOssing will give you voice and vote in decisions that need to be made for the present and future of our congregation.

  • 2020 International Travel Study Seminars: Presbyterian Peacemaking Program
    Posted: 1/30/2019

    The Presbyterian Peacemaking Program sponsors travel study seminars to different parts of the world to provide Presbyterians with the opportunity to learn firsthand from our partners about efforts for peace, justice and reconciliation in contexts of conflict, injustice and oppression. Visit presbyterianmission.org/travelstudy or call the Presbyterian Peacemaking Program at 888-728-7228 x5805 for more information.

  • Personal Information Updates
    Posted: 6/11/2018

    If you have any updated information, such as address or phone number, please see Pastor Jeniffer. She will have an update sheet for you to fill out.