About Our Church & Congregation

church old photoOur church came into being on June 28, 1763, when the Presbytery of Dutchess County delegated the Rev. John Smith, of White Plains, to conduct monthly worship service in homes in the Ossining area. Our first church was built in 1768 in the area now known as Sparta cemetery.

The first building was damaged in the Revolutionary War, and a new one was built in the village of Sing Sing, on the site of the present Trinity Episcopal Church, in 1803.

To accommodate further increases in the congregation, the present building was completed in 1870, with the high steeple on the south tower serving as a navigational aid for river traffic. The building was extensively renovated and modernized in the mid-1950’s, including the removal of the tall steeple and the addition of Sunday school rooms.

Today our Church houses an active ministry to Ossining and local community groups, in addition to a myriad of congregational activities.